Topographic & Aerial Surveys

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Topographic & Aerial Surveys

Our Topographic and Aerial survey capability has been developed to help us provide a full “one stop shop” type of service for our clients.  We are able to save time and money for our clients by using our own survey data in the preparation of :

Our surveys can comprise of GPS points to Ordnance Survey Coordinates and Datum or the production of detailed and accurate point clouds; rectified aerial imagery; 3d CAD drawings and sections.

We can combine our UAV and topographic survey data with hydrographic survey information to provide a seamless dataset of above and below water for estuaries, beaches, harbours, lakes, rivers and waterways.  Not just pretty pictures from the sky, although we can supply these as well!

We are licenced for Commercial Operations by the Civil Aviation Authority and fully insured.

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 Georeferenced drone surveys and inspections.