SuDS Surface Water Drainage Design

UK Based SuDS Surface Water Drainage Design Consultants

"We are a specialist SuDS Surface Water Drainage Design
consultancy practice operating nationally within the United Kingdom."

Surface Water Drainage (SuDS)

CES Consulting provide SuDS Surface Water Drainage Design services for Developers, Architects and Planning Consultants.


We can provide your development site with a bespoke surface water drainage design solution, which meets the requirements of planning permissions and Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA)  No site is too large or too small.

Our SuDS drainage designs comply with the latest government standards for dealing with surface water for residential, commercial and/or industrial development sites.

Drainage Design Services includes provision of design drawings, specification and schedules, along with submission of applications for SuDS Approvals.

SuDS Surface Water Drainage Design

Our Design Approach.

When considering your site, we can advise on how you can minimise costs, whilst complying with the statutory requirements set out under the Flood and Water Management Act.  There is no “one solution fits all” when it comes to drainage and our experienced Engineers can take you from concept through, design, the approval process an on to completion on site if needed.

When assessing your drainage needs we will consider a variety of surface water drainage methods, for example;

  • Rainwater Harvesting;
  • Soakaways and filtration systems;
  • Flow control and attenuation storage;
  • Discharge to culverts and watercourses;
  • Connections to public surface water sewers;
  • Designing pipe sizes and layouts;
  • Provision of acceptable water quality;
  • Bio diversity; and
  • Amenity.

We use the latest MicroDrainage advanced drainage design software that optimises the performance and effectiveness of drainage systems, including SuDS – for both greenfield and brownfield sites.

CES can also design foul drainage for either private or adoptable systems which are fully compliant with Sewers For Adoption (SFA) and water authority requirements.  We can also advise on sewerage treatment systems for small or larger developments as necessary.

Please call us on 01341 421911, Email us or use the contact form and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Site specific surface water drainage designs prepared for your development.  We can advise on all aspects of SuDS compliance.