Hydrographic Surveys

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"We are a specialist Drainage Design Civil Engineering Consultancy practice operating nationally within the United Kingdom."

Hydrogrgaphic Surveys

CES can provide specialist hydrographic survey services in UK coastal, intertidal and inland waterways.

We have hydrographic survey capability using our own 5.5m survey RIB which is road transportable and easy to deploy anywhere in the UK.  Our Hydrographic Survey RIB supports single and dual frequency survey grade echo sounders along with side scan sonar capability.  We can also use the vessel for collection of surface sediments using our Van Veen Grab.  Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) work has also been mounted to our survey RIB for flow velocity studies.

We can also survey off our Jet Ski, SIB and kayaks for areas with more remote access requirements. 

Typically our hydrographic survey uses HyPack industry standard hydrographic survey software and has been used to support  flood modelling studies, dredging, navigation and investigatory/monitoring projects.

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Hydrogrgaphic surveys to support dredging, navigation, volume assessment and flood modelling.