Flood Modelling

UK Based Flood Risk Management Consultants

"We are a specialist Flood Risk & Flood Modelling Civil Engineering Consultancy practice operating nationally within the United Kingdom."

Flood Modelling Services

Civil Engineering Solutions has years of experience in flood risk modelling studies using TUFLOW, Estry and Flood Modeller Pro.  These flood models are mainly used to support of flood risk and consequence assessments for development.  They have also been required for flood alleviation scheme design and the assessment of planning advice.

We can assess site hydrology and develop simple models through to complex linked models with multiple 2d domains.  We can model watercourses and tidal inputs as required, as well as undertaking catchment and tidal hydrological studies.  Each flood model we prepare is bespoke to your needs. 

We can liaise with the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales to agree scope and extent of required modelling to ensure the study is undertaken in the shortest possible time.

Our experienced modelling team can provide a free initial review of your development site and advise the best course of action to take.  This will involve identifing the current flood risk for the site and how we can add value by choosing the most economical modelling approach.  Our assessments will follow Environment Agency and Natural Resourses Wales standing advice on modelling.

Flood Modelling

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CES Consulting can review/update existing flood modelling information or prepare new flood models as required to provide best available flood risk information.